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What do you need to consider as a first home buyer?

14 June 2022

Buying your very first home is equal parts exciting and daunting as you step into uncharted territory. There is so much to consider and digest when making the decision to buy your first home that often it can become overwhelming. We have broken down all these considerations down into 4

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Can you get a home loan with a poor credit history?

7 June 2022

Your credit history/rating is one of many factors lenders use to evaluate your eligibility for a home loan and it is also one of the most important. The worse your credit is the harder it will be for lenders to trust that you will be able to pay off your

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Understanding Refinancing for Home Loans

31 May 2022

With the lowest official cash rate on record, it might be time to refinance your home loan. What you may have agreed to 5 years ago when you bought your house, may not be the best option for you now. Refinancing involves replacing your current loan with a new one

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The Financial Benefits of House Sharing

24 May 2022

Living in a sharehouse is a unique experience typically done when you are young. However with the increasing cost of living, house sharing can have significant financial benefits that should be considered. If you are looking to buy a house but are lacking in funds, house sharing can be a

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