Why Refinance?

When was the last time you really looked at your loan? Like most we speak to, you may have chosen to set and forget and ensure you meet your monthly repayments on time. That’s all you need to do right?

Technically yes, but it may not be the ideal fit anymore. As time passes, your needs and personal circumstances change, as does the lending landscape. There has never been so many lenders in the market and this competition has led to some lenders offering some very attractive incentives to win your business. Incentives include fee waivers, discounted introductory rates, and even refinance cash rebates that will not only cover all the costs of switching lenders but leave you with thousands of dollars in your pocket.

Refinancing allows you to take advantage of these hot offers and change your existing loan to one that’s more suitable to your current situation.You may want to switch from a fixed rate loan to a variable loan (or vice versa), or you might want a loan with more flexible features, such as redraw or a line of credit. You may even be looking to ditch features you don’t use to save. You might not even have to change lenders.

We can help you to figure out if you have any options better suited to your personal circumstances and can often negotiate on your behalf to find your ideal financial solution.


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